EP #1

by The Ricardos

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recorded @ Amador's house
Music by The Ricardos
Independently released by The Ricardos


released August 24, 2014

vocals: Isaac Soto
bass/rhythm gtr: Genesis Jonker
lead guitar: Tim Magrady
drums: Matt Magrady

Recorded/mixed by Amador Diaz (Captain Samurai)
Album art by Emily Nichols



all rights reserved


The Ricardos Phoenix, Arizona

garage rats from the valley

vocals: Isaac
lead gtr: Tim
rhythm gtr: Genesis
bass: Matt #2
drums: Matt (#1)

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Track Name: Too Young to Grow Up
i don't want to grow up, just wanna live my live
i just want to sit back, i wanna stop the ride
see i'm just scared of aging, i'm not scared to die
how fast i'm goin baby, next week i'll be 95

i don't wanna let this go (x3)

i'm too young to grow up, don't wanna be oppressed
by a breaking body, if i must confess
hell don't scare me neither, heavens alright with me
i know i'm goin places, but age ain't my cup of tea

i don't wanna let this go(x2)
i'm too young to ever grow
i don't wanna let this go
Track Name: You Watch Too Much TV
she said "do you got the time?" but i'm afraid that i don't
i really hope that she leaves but then i pray that she won't
oh i don't know
i'm so confused but see we're all so confused,
"the musics too loud do you wanna sit down?"
well, sure

but she's not nice, she'll break your heart
but you're so young/dumb
and you don't care

"my throats a bit dry, can you get me a drink?"
so you get her some punch and then return to your seat
when you get back shes on another guys lap,
so you ask yourself why as youre preparing to die

(chorus x2)
Track Name: Introvert
should i go or should i stay
well i feel so odd and it looks that way
cause i'm gettin stares but i'm not seen,
it seems as thought i'm stuck in between
when i look out of my window at nite,
and i check my phone just to feel alright,
i'm not strong and i'm so scared
never thought i'd be so unprepared

but no ones noticed, so what's it matter

man i left my coat right by the door,
but i'd rather leave it and go back home
cause i've had my share of angst this nite
and i feel left out and it don't seem right
when i look into the bathroom mirror
and wish that i could disappear
i've found my place and it's by myself,
so please don't try and get me out

cause no ones noticed, so whats it matter
i might be sad but priorities they scatter

so i look up to the moon above
and i thank my god and i hug my mom
my life can't be a casualty of worry stricken tragedy

but no ones noticed, so whats it matter
i might be sad but priorities they scatter
Track Name: One for the Fat Lady
All I knows what I've been told
don't kill yourself for rock n roll
don't bring em down, or lose control
you've got a job, you've got a role

and it's one for the fat lady
two for her kids
one for the fat lady
two for her kids

and now you know, it's not about
what you thought it was, it's all about
(chorus x3)

all i knows what i've been told,
don't grab a gun, don't lose control
don't lose your mind, or lose your girl
you've got a job, you've got a parole

and it's one for the fat lady
two for her kids
one for the fat lady
two for kids